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React Starter Kit by Hand

April 16, 2017

This is meant to be a living document that starts with the simplest possible project and slowly adds on all the parts of the more complicated starter kits. If you step through each section, entering the code and commands by hand, you should have a much better understanding of all the moving parts that make up a modern React project.

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Write Yourself a Scheme in Elm: Testing

November 11, 2016

Setup Your Project The number parser is relatively straightforward, and so far testing out different input values to make sure it works correctly has not been too bad. Pretty soon there are going to be many different parsers, and you will want to make sure not to break them as you make changes to the code. To get started with writing tests, you will need to prepare the project. There is a command elm test init that will do most of this for you, but it is important to do it yourself the first time. Read more

Write Yourself a Scheme in Elm: Parsing

November 9, 2016

Simple Parser Let’s try writing a very simple parser using the elm-combine package. You can add it to the project with elm package install Bogdanp/elm-combine. Start by adding these lines to the import section: import Combine import Combine.Char as Combine import Combine.Num as Combine import Combine.Infix exposing (..) import String The easiest parser to start with is numbers. Scheme has a whole tower of number types, but for now, we will only worry about floats. Read more

Write Yourself a Scheme in Elm: First Steps

November 7, 2016

Install Tools First, you need to install the “Elm Platform” which contains most of the tools necessary for writing Elm programs. The easiest way is to use the npm installer: $ npm install -g elm You will also make use of a tool called elm-live, which is a flexible development server for Elm that includes compiling your code, serving the output, and live reloading changes in the browser. Read more

Write Yourself a Scheme in Elm

November 5, 2016

Jonathan Tang’s Write Yourself a Scheme in 48 Hours is a classic introduction to Haskell. It progresses from installing Haskell to writing a fully-functional interpreter that implements a decent subset of R5RS Scheme. In the following blog posts, I will be porting both the text and code as best I can to utilize Elm, while expanding the scope of the tutorial to include web development using the Elm Architecture and writing unit tests for Elm programs. Read more

The Elm Platform

March 2, 2016

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Robovm Cross-Platform Basics

August 6, 2015

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Elm Compiler Errors and Vim

June 29, 2015

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Install NixOS on a Macbook Air

November 13, 2014

WARNING THIS MIGHT DESTROY YOUR COMPUTER! DO NOT BLAME ME! BACKUP YOUR SYSTEM! WARNING That being said, I have found installing and using NixOS to be a very rewarding experience. You should, however, read the manual because this guide might be out of date. Resizing Disk The first step is to partition your drive correctly. While in OS X: Open Applications/Utilities/Disk Utility. Choose the drive you want to partition. Read more

Making Games with Go

March 7, 2014

The 5-second pitch: ENGi is a cross platform game library that supports Mac, Linux, Windows, The Web, (soon) native Android, and (right now) iOS and Android through CocoonJS. You can check out the project on Github. Back-story I have been trying to create a cross-platform 2D game engine in Go for quite a while now. There have been a few good starts, but building for some important platforms (like the web and mobile) was impossible. Read more