Orange Study

Painted in Photoshop from reference. OrangeStudy And the full final version without drop shadow. OrangeCloseup


Pencil and Watercolor in Photoshop. Ridgeback

Space Game Mockup

I decided to do a mockup for a multiplayer space survival sandbox game I have been tinkering on for a while now. SpaceGame

David Bowie

Painted in PhotoShop in tribute to David Bowie. Dave Bowie

STElm Logo

Designed in Sketch and based on the flag of St. Louis. STElm Logo

Elm Vim

Designed in Sketch. It is a play off of the original Vim logo with its green diamond replaced by the Elm tangram logo. Below it is an Elm record named ‘vim’ with its ‘ft’ or ‘filetype’ field updated to ‘Elm.’ Elm Vim


A logo for the first ever STL Elm Hack Night. It is a cross between the DuckDuckGo logo and the Elm logo, taking liberty with the drop shadow to separate the duck face from the stripes. DuckDuckElm

Posted June 1, 2015
author Joseph HagerWritten by Joseph Hager who lives and works in St. Louis building useful things.